University Senates Conference


University Senates Conference Mission Statement:

To work for the greater good of the University of Illinois and all of its campuses.



The Senates Conference is a statutory body (Article II, Section 2 of the University of Illinois Statutes) providing the major link between the faculties of the Chicago, Urbana- Champaign, and Springfield camp uses and is charged with revie wing “all matters acted upon by each Senate” and with determining “whether senate actions requiring implementation or further consideration” are being referred to appropriate officers. The Senates Conference must decide whether actions taken by one senate have broader all-university relevance and thus also must be considered by other senates. If the Senates Conference decides that the senates have acted differently on a matter, it must “attempt to promote agreement or consistency,” and in cases of continuing disagreement among the senates, the Senates Conference may forward its own recommendations on the matter.

In addition, the Senates Conference acts as an advisory group to the Board of Trustees through the president, to the President, to other administrative officers, and to the senates themselves on matters of university-wide concerns. It is a “special concern of the conference executive committee to aid in maintaining harmonious relations among such officers and the University.”